Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Beats faster, and BAM!

I am so happy.

Well, this is the second post of the day. So, I'd like to explain, no, tell some kind of things here.

After struggling with the last day of TO 1, I just got some happy things. Well, besides I don't need to study now, there is something. Yeah, people who aren't moronics will understand in sudden. :P

I got my heart beat so fast 2 or so hours ago. It beat so fast that I couldn't move my single finger. It was an expectation. And when she texted me, I fell my cellphone off. Fortunately, I was on the bed, so did the cellphone. God, I don't know how to express this and my blood isn't slowing down yet. And I sweat. I just, no, don't wanna this to end. God please don't let this feeling end, well at least for 2 or so hours LOL.

Don't know why I am happy? You're a moronic then LOL

That's all.

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