Sabtu, 30 Maret 2013

I Am A Sinner

I am a sinner...
I don't want to stop...

I am a sinner
I sing melody of lies
When I'm thirsty I spit curses
People dying is my morning prayer

I am a sinner
Pornography is an art for me
Truth irritates my vision
See people need help, choose to ignore 'em

I am a sinner
Others are red, mine is black
Hatred is sunny day for me and evil plans is my future
I have committed thousand murders inside

I am a sinner
People cover ears as I say
Turn faces from my eyes
Even my love and feeling burn them

I am a sinner
I don't know what to do
I don't want to meet God
I don't want to stop... can't be stopped

Sometimes, I feel I am not a sinner
Friends shout "Barbarians!" when they beat people
They yell "Savages!" as they burn buildings into dusts
People whisper "I know the truth..." and their mouths're suddenly shut

Perhaps, I am not a sinner
But I don't want to say I am close to God
Because people who claim it
They often seems further than I am


That's all

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