Kamis, 15 Mei 2014

Hatred is what drives me

Long have I been in the world, hiding my own feelings.

However, not very recently, I don't hide my hatred anymore.
I show it, explicitly

I hate many hypocrites, individuals, (former) friend, bigots, self-proclaimers, and other annoying souls in human form.

I hate how people lie.
How people try to keep their nice-person image.
How humans gain profit through various means.
How individuals play victim very well by making as if others are playing victim.

Thanks to social media that helps me to be more honest, although my lecturer says that it helps me grow my alter-ego.

Honesty is really about honestly telling everything.

Therefore, my rants on twitter are simply the manifestations of me being honest.
Well, with being a bit implicit.

Implicitness, you mean being nice?

No, I'm not being nice. Just following human convention to be accepted, but trust me, I am not being nice at all. Others are being nice.

The filthiest people are those who are being nice~

That's all.

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