Jumat, 16 Mei 2014


There is time to stay and hence is time to leave.

For naught stays the same.
Interpretations, feelings, actions, people.

Now I shall take my leave.
Because the meaningful is not meaningful anymore.

Everything changes.
Everything changes.

Worse or better.
Best or worst.

Therefore I have no slightest hope in anything.
For we are hoping for the past, the unreachable.

All I embrace now is hatred.
The unchanging.

I am taking my leave now...

There are things you learn about yourself, about the person you really are, as oppossed to the person you think you are, that make you ask one question nobody wants to ask.

Why am I still doing what I've been doing my whole life?

Whatever it is you've been doing, whatever it may have meant to you, the day you ask the question is the day you have to stop doing it. Because it doesn't mean what it used to anymore

- Hollis Mason

That's all.

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