Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016


Peace is not when you celebrate it.
Peace is not when you're talking about it.
credit : Joshua Earle | unsplash.com

Currently, I got a job which requires me to meet people: clients and our own staffs at the office. I met a lot of people and talked a thing or two with them. Making sure that my job will be done, thus I kept on talking. On my way home, sometimes I engaged another convo with Uber driver. Some thirty minute ride on the bike or car is used to cast away awkwardness.

On the previous job, I gotta talk alone on the mike with headphones on. Some other time, I would be talking with another person on the mike with headphones on. On a part-time job when studying at the university, I met a lot of people from other countries, making sure that they arrived at the right place. I must talk to them, although not all of them were listening.

Some people may find me talkative. The other might say extrovert. Honestly, I recently realized and identified myself as silent introvert.

On my current job, I cherished having breakfast or lunch alone. On the previous job, I wished to be free from interviews. Part-time job? Breaks in the toilet can be refreshing. During day-offs, I will stay in my room and not talking.

Yes, I prefer tranquility and peace, and I am looking for it.


I remembered asking someone the best spot to stargaze in my country, to see beyond our earthly light. Got the answer, but not the chance to go there. Heard it's too far and cold. Can cope with the cold, but no grasp at the time. It takes days to go there and days to enjoy it and days to return. See what I'm talking about?

Why stargazing?

Stargazing is impossible around the epicenter of human activities: lights, noises, and people. The possible one is certainly the opposite. That's why I'm looking for it, and got a plan for it.

Maybe when I arrive, everything will be calm, peace be found, and I don't need to return.

That's all.

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