Sabtu, 17 Desember 2016

Others Before Yourself

Born a combination of cowardice and naivety isn't a good thing. You're gonna try to keep the chaotic life peaceful by avoiding conflict, argument... noises.

First, you're convinced that peace must be prioritized. To maintain it, you got to compromise. With whom? Yourself. In any situation, make sure you're the victim, not that people will pity, but to avoid being the causa prima of chaos. Satisfy the peace by making your ego famished.

Secondly, that famished ego of yours will be reduced into lack-of-will. Ego, according to some people, is the fuel to get what you want. Well, ego is want itself. Your life will walk aimlessly, towards tomorrow, but not to the future. How? By not making any idea of what can, must not, and should happen - to you. You're compromising your own future.

Then, the peace is still not made.

Those fellow residents of the decaying reality and adventurers of the journey to the end will create your suffering by imposing their ego on others and you; then those others will channel their ego also to you. During this great phenomenon, those people will engineer a brain-washing myth: "You are a kind person".

This is where you should commit suicide

Mentally speaking, everyone can die times to times. Individual after individuals can take the wheel of a body. Thus trivial matter such as fighting others' ego is problem no more. Needless to say, commit your suicide right now.

That's all.

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