Selasa, 27 Desember 2016

You Look Old, Sir

Judge people from their cover.
With precision.

Today, I went to another barbershop because :
  1. My favorite one is closed for good
  2. I got no idea when will the new favorite open itself
  3. The newest favorite hasn't opened yet
But that ain't the issue.

The not so younger than me barber let me in, prepare my seat, and then asked, "What cut do you want, uncle?". Well... the last time I checked, 22 is still considered as young. Therefore, as a 22 year-old guy myself, I'd say this is an abomination.

Apart from being better than called female by people on the phone (without misogyny at all), having an old face can't be that good. If it isn't genetically structured, then it is stressfully fabricated.

Some people say that I do need some vacation. But vacation is not one if you return to the old routine. It's like financially spending your energy to be happy, but to be sad again on another day. A temporary voyage to the illusion of what you can get if you are not where you are right now.  

After pausing several minutes before continuing this entry, I think I need to stop the negativity.

That's all.

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