Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Something's been bothering me

I know people often feel this. Being up and down, plus moody.
It is quite bothering a lot, think so?
The heart is being stirred up by something invisible, yet available to be felt.
Help, anyone?

This is the first time I came to share my feeling, here.
You know, usually I just wrote some other "things"...

Well, I'd rather we just skip the formalities.
As commonly known, by some, I like to be alone. Well, it seemed I'd need some help.
Umm, I haven't acknowledge the reason why me, being so up and down. Sometime, I feel everything are in their own order. But sometime I hate every single things. I am trying to shout at people, or see in a hatred glance. And some other things. I hurt someone, but we finally made up, and I must not to hurt her again. But I'm afraid I will. 

I think, I am changing lately.
Usually, I love sweet foods. And now, I don't like it. Sweet foods aren't that boring, but I just like it no more. Also, I don't like to listen my favorite musics, to draw,or just to write or talk to anybody. I can't find the reason and the resolution. I need someone's help. Anybody. Every person's help.

First, I am sorry.
I feel that I will blow up. Explode.
I'm afraid that someone of you will see or get the explosion. FYI, I'll explode with no specific reason.
Just like Saïx. 

I think I need to blow, be BERSERK. To erase this bothering things.

Well, I need your help.
I'll need your every single opinion and advice. I'm sorry, but I'd like to ignore moronic comments that irrelevant with my request. Thank you.

That's all

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