Sabtu, 22 Februari 2014

Surprise, surprise! M*fo!

The world is so vast.
That's why every possibility is possible.

Sherlock often claims that he knows nothing, but he's merely observing. In that way, he finds the truth, with excellent calculation. Many adore him for that ability and many 'borrow' the abilty. However, he also makes mistakes. He frequently revises the conclusions, therefore he gets closer to the truth.

In our life, we are making predictions.
How something will turn out, what will be needed, when does it take place, etc.

Governments, committee, even families make plan. Preparing themselves, expecting the future. Some might have the best preparation by recognizing the pattern. One would think that there is a way for a thing. A rule. Some certainty in the uncertain world.

Eruptions, storms, and floods could happen anytime. No matter how good your preparations are, no matter how ready you are, no matter how excellent the calculation is. You just have to deal with it. Bear it until you feel better... if you're gonna feel so.

I am no Sherlock.

Maybe, my preparations are incomplete. Perhaps, my calculation is rubbish. Mayhaps, I'm too weak. Often remind myself, "Don't find the truth if you're not ready with it." Still, it comes just like that. What lies ahead is really vague and uncertain.

I am not Pagliacci, but the treatment is not that simple.

Maybe what really matters is not the treatment. Assume it'll be learning. Must sure be learning.

Learning to accept. Learning to bear.
Learning to heal.

That's all.

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