Jumat, 21 Maret 2014

I don't

I don't have friends as many as you do. I don't help people as much as you do.
I also don't have the affection towards others and willingness to keep them as much as you do.

People are okay with someone doing something, but aren't when it's you. People feel the guilt towards others, but don't when it's you. People like the notion of being yourself, but don't when it's you.

People say that if one loves other, they must keep the loved ones. Isn't it lust? What if you hurt them? Teach them masochism, or be hated?

When you hold others dearly, curiosity is due.

Just like the scientist, learning the termites. They follow those creatures. They'll rip a hole on their nest, just to know how these termites live and how to preserve the . What'll the termites do?

They bite.

Just like you, loving others. You wanna know more. You pry into their life to know their problem and to save them. What'll people do?

They'll hate you.
People love privacy. Love their privacy or you'll be expelled.

Love others, but you shouldn't be too close. Let personal matters be personal. Not knowing is better for your relationship.

Plot twist: people also hate if you ignore them.


I don't understand how human relationship works.
...as much as you do.

That's all.

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  1. Sometimes we don't need to consider about how something works.
    Just let it flow :)


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