Senin, 15 Februari 2016

An Excerpt of Plethora

Today in the past, you were born, and many big events followed.

You had faced many things and even developed far than me. You got those experiences, friends, business partners, skills, and even future. That's a great thing, keep it up.

And in a nutshell, I actually would like to wish you the best. But, I cannot decide what is the best for you. It's all about impression. Therefore, I, at least, wish you to be happy. Today and especially every day.

Honestly, it's kinda weird to write this for I have never truly celebrated anyone's birthday, save for mine. I even never know exactly when my parents' are unless I read that newspaper from sunday service at my church. Besides that, your gift isn't decided yet. That means I had been looking for that and still cannot decide yet. Just you wait.

To know that our birthdays are just 4 days apart is surprising. Although yesterday I annoyed you (and was annoyed by you). Couldn't be helped, I gotta go when I am upset. Unnecessary damage would best be avoided. And this is the first time for me to celebrate your birthday. Pity I cannot contact you sooner, because you're probably celebrating it now with your friends/family.

But I promise to meet you soon. Even hopefully, if God allows, to be near more often.

So, to wrap this short message which you can read repetitively, I want you to be happy - which like I always tell people: by making others happy too.

Happy birthday baby. Happy birthday.

Love you.


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