Rabu, 11 Januari 2017

Sufficient Enough

Have you ever wondered if your world really alright?
Or, it's just what you think?

Well, it was just my thought.

I was taking my casual pace, strolling around a tiny part of the universe - minding my own business, because I believed that the causality continuum was being fairly good to me. Until, as usual, a discovery. Yes, a Discovery Channel of my life say that the world is not decaying, but it had been totally obliterated for months. The worst part is : it's on me.

Just because nobody says nothing about what you did, it doesn't mean that everything is okay. Even, be more cautious when nobody is saying nothing of what you've done. You might have reasons for what you do, but the consequences demands no excuse.

So what happened is not what happened. Instead, it was some steady, habitual, and frequent features of me that are expected to change, but they didn't. They were repeated by me and some people apparently are tired with the seemingly endless repetition. They did attempt to communicate it to me, yet failed. Eventually, they're tired of me. Very tired.
Compared to some others, I am lesser than them. Yet, I didn't dare to argue a phrase, this is me. I shouldn't argue, therefore I won't be defensive.

They did give me another chance. Without limited period, I must make particular improvements. I didn't argue, I simply said yes. So now I'm back to square one.

I don't intend to fail. Even if I failed, I will remember this.
I will remember how bad I was.
I will remind myself who I was supposed to be.
I will memorize those who are around me in this journey.

That's all.

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