Minggu, 05 Maret 2017

Have a Nice Day, Just Because You Can

Everyone can be happy.
Only if they choose to be.
"Human Skull" by Sandro Katalina | unplash.com

It's been weeks for me oppositely enjoying my days because of focusing on some other matters. Yet, it's also been weeks for me to plan a day which I can enjoy.

Then the Saturday came.

I woke up with Mimikyu on my table. Oh, how hatred can never be cuter. I just got another new toy (previously it was the 1/12 Dead Cosmonaut Golvorez), and it feels so damn good to be back on my hobby. However, the availability of moment for some photo session still seems negative. First, the visit of King Salman to Bogor Palace made the access to the Garden sounded not too good (but hey I'm happy we got honorable visit). Secondly, the love-hate relationship with the weather. I don't wanna get my phone wet. But I will have the session soon.

Finally got time for this cutest hateful

So, after fighting the drowsiness, I went to where the cinema is.

While walking from the parking lot, I saw some Burger King banner. Holy shit. "Beef rasher. Beef rasher. Beef rasher." But then I apologized to my brain, we promised to go there with our sista. But yeah me was hungry.

Again, the cinema postponed opening itself. Last year, it was 11, then it became 11.30. That day? 11.45. I bet some day they would open at 5. Nevertheless, I was lucky. I was one of their three first customers that day. I said "Logan. A11." and quickly went off to the studio as the movie was gonna play soon. Anyway A11 is the best seat if you're watching without company.

Inside? They postponed playing the movie due to some issues, even the officers humbly apologized. After 15 minutes delay and the movie played, I realized that if you run some business which sometimes involves different language of the products you are selling, it is important to have your staff familiar with how the products are pronounced.

What I said : Logan


It took only 10 seconds for me to leave the studio. 3 minutes to get some money from the ATM. 4 for going back to the ticket counter. I said it again, slowly "LOGAN. L.O.G.A.N." to the same lady behind the counter. Finally she got it right. But it was after I told her that she gave me a wrong ticket while she shouldn't have and she didn't admit it. But hey, I still don't have the quality to be a narcissistic asshole because I know that her salary isn't that much and she might be struggling with her economy like me and I just wanna watch my movie. Hence I walked to the right studio quick as I can.

Luckily, the movie was just about to start as I rested my ass on the seat.

The good things about watching that movie are:
  • Story and characterization
  • No kids around the studio
Damn well, they got Logan and Doraemon running at the same period, so the parents (who are mostly stupid and not qualified enough to call themselves ones) brought their abominations to the right movie. Hallelujah.

The movie ended with very long credits and probably no after credit scenes (I walked out). Then I peed and ate some fast food. Fast food is always good to make your day feel good, but not against your goal to have good body. Orz.

Before going home, because I used my dad's motorcycle, I chose to find new things. To the Pakansari Stadium I went. Holy shit. Again. It was a very gigantic circle. I thought that if I live nearby, my dog will really enjoy some walk there.

Satisfied with all things, I went home happily.

Well, that was my day.
Before moving to other website or app, make sure to give yourself some good moments.

That's all.

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